Nick Kyrgios defeats No. 4 seed Stefanos Tsitsipas in an explosive wild Wimbledon match

Wimbledon, England - Stefanos Tsitsipas called Nick Kyrgios a "bully" after he was beaten up by an Australian in a volatile "circus" of third-round matches at Wimbledon on Saturday.

Kyrgios won 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-3, 7-6(7) to reach the fourth round at the All England Club for the first time since 2016, but not without issuing three code violations.

 Match - One on Kyrgios for audible obscenity and Tsitsipas for two-ball abuse, earning a point penalty.

After the match, fourth seed Tsitsipas said that Kyrgios has "a bad side" and that he must have been "a bully at school" for the way he behaved throughout the match.

"It's constant bullying; that's what he does," Tsitsipas said. "He bullies opponents. He was probably a bully in school himself. I don't like bullies. I don't like people who bring other people down.

"He also has some good traits in his character, but ... he also has a very bad side which, if exposed, can actually do a lot of harm and bad to the people around him."

Responded Kyrgios: "To come in here and say I bullied him, that's just soft. We're not cut from the same cloth. I go up against guys who are true competitors. 

If he's affected by that today, then that's what's holding him back, because someone can just do that and that's going to throw him off his game like that. I just think it's soft."

Much of the play surrounded an incident at the end of the second set, when Tsitsipas threw a ball into the corner stand, causing a spectator to disappear.

Kyrgios immediately argued with the umpire that Tsitsipas should have defaulted, adding that if he had done so, he would have been kicked out. He then sought to see an observer, but was unhappy with the response to the warning from chair umpire Damien Dumusois.

"What are you talking about, brother?" Kyrgios asked Dumusois. "Bring in more supervisors. I didn't. Bring them all out. I don't care. ... I won't play until we get to the bottom of it."

Tsitsipas later apologized for hitting the ball in the corner.

"Look, I have to say it was really bad on my part," he said. "I've never done that before, threw the ball out of the court like this. I apologized to people. I don't know what was going through my mind at that time.

"I guess, with all the circus shows going on the other side of the net, it kind of started to get pretty tiring. It happened. I didn't hit any people. It hit the wall, thank goodness. Sure. Apparently I'm never doing that again. It's my responsibility, of course. But there was also something that created that behavior that I'm not used to seeing myself."

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