ISRO Free Online Course on Satellite Remote Sensing;  Apply Now

ISRO has invited applications from students for a 5-day free online course called “Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmosphere”.  

The course, conducted by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, will be beneficial for professionals, researchers, and students interested in learning the utility of satellite observations in atmospheric studies. Participants will also receive a certificate for the course on the basis of 70 percent attendance.

Since there is a limited number of seats, the participants will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis. 

The official website says that the course will provide an overview of satellite observation, fog monitoring, rainfall monitoring using visible, infrared, and microwave sensors, types of air pollutants, air pollution episodes, and retrieval of atmospheric parameters from air pollution monitoring.  

Tropical cyclone tracking among other topics. Some of the topics to be covered over a period of 5 days are as follows: 

1. Observations on retrieval techniques of atmospheric parameters using satellite data. 2. Satellite monitoring of precipitation with visible, infrared, and microwave sensor sensors. 3. Satellite remote sensing for fog recovery and monitoring. 4. Application of satellite observations to tropical cyclone monitoring. 5. Satellite monitoring of particulate matter. 6. Monitoring of gaseous air pollutants from satellite observations.